What are “smokers’ rights”?

Smokers have the same rights as everyone else.

Nobody has a right to litter, or start building or forest fires. Nobody has a right to pollute the air that other people breathe.

“Tobacco is a legal product”

If mass-produced cigarettes had been invented in the 1970′s instead of the 1890′s, they would have not become a legal consumer product, because they would have failed animal testing. if you want to bet on cigarettes still being a legal product 20 or 50 years from now, try to get odds.

For the time being, there are lots of legal products that have restrictions on how, when, and where they can be used. Gasoline, for example, is heavily taxed, and if you dispense it into something other than an automobile or a boat, it has to be an approved container. Although handguns are a legal product in many jurisdictions, you usually have to have a permit to purchase it, and there are definitely restrictions on where you can shoot it.

“We don’t smoke that shit. We just sell it. We reserve the right to smoke for the young, the poor, the black and stupid.” – R.J. Reynolds Executive

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