An article at about research that shows that the anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-Muslim, and homophobic astroturf effort was partially funded by Philip Morris and RJR: TEA Party: Tobacco Everywhere Always

This is not news to people who have been following the tobacco industry for a long time: the same two tobacco companies were major funders of the late Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC).

So, if you belong to one of the groups targeted by the Tea Party, you’re handing over money to people that hate you every time you buy a pack of cigarettes.

Bev-Oda-smoking-top-post-300x217Bev Oda, former Federal MP and Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women, and Minister for International Cooperation in the Harper government,and the tobacco industry’s poster girl in Canada, has sent yet another bill to Canadian taxpayers. In 2010, a $250 penalty was added to a hotel bill in Washington, DC for violating the hotel’s policy against smoking in room, and the charge was expensed to the Federal government. Here’s the story fromMacLean’s: Bev Oda: Penalty for smoking in a hotel room among expenses MP charged to taxpayers

We can be thankful that she managed to not burn the hotel down.